tirsdag 11. september 2012

Ecological meat

Yesterday I got about 1 kg of sheep minced meat, grown pure ecological from my friends Espen and Live. They have a little farm in the woods of Hurum here in Norway. The animals are outside, enjoying the nature. No overgrown animals, living in small cages here. The animals are grown with love, with old knowledge of animal hold and are slaughtered quick without stress. The love to their animals is tasted in the fantastic meat, browning beautifully in the butter, losing no water and tasting wonderfull. By eating this meat, I am aware of how wrong industrial meat production is. If you, dear readers have the possibility, try ecological meat and taste the difference...
Have a nice evening for those in Europe, a nice day in the US and sweet dreams in Asia and for the Aussie people :)


onsdag 5. september 2012

Strudel with bacon and leek

Now that autumn is on its way, we can enjoy the warmth of the kitchen oven in the house by making food in it. One of my old favorites is this strudel with leek and bacon. My mother used to make this dish when I was a small child. Maybe I changed some of the ingredients but the taste is quite known from my child years.

For two strudel I use 2 packets of butter pastry (frozen). You can make this yourself but that takes a LOT of time.
I use one big leek, about 400 g bacon, 1 cream (double or light)(3dl), a cleave of garlic, grated cheese (200-300 g), some pepper and salt and egg yolk.

Warm the oven to 200 C (392F)
Cut the leek in small circles, bake the bacon in a big casserole.

Add the leek, the pressed garlic and the cream. Season with salt and pepper. Add the cheese and let it cool down a bit.

Roll out the pastry in a big rectangle. Spread the fill over the half of the rectangle. Cut in the other half with a knife. Cover the fill with the empty half of the pastry. Press the sides and brush with egg yolk.

Bake in the oven for about 20-25 min or until golden.

You can serve the dish with a salad.


tirsdag 4. september 2012

French macrons

A rainfull Norwegian day need some romance and colors on the table to bring spring feeling back. What about some beautiful French Macrons.

Make a liquid dough of 240g of flour sugar, 140g grounded almonds, 3 stiff beaten egg whites and color as wished (depends on fill)
Make small rounds on a macron mate or greased paper, bake in oven in 140 C (284 F) for about 10-12 min. be careful to not burn them or crack the top. You can avoid that by putting a plate beneath the macrons in the oven. Let them cool down and fill with whatever you like. On my picture the fill is white chocolate butter frosting with pink color. Have a nice day!


søndag 2. september 2012

Sunday's dinner

Well a quick follow up post : dinner ready on plate with cucumber salad, mashed peas, watercress mayonaise, pink russian egg, seatrout and pommes amandine. Delicious

Pink russian eggs with watercress

Today we're going to eat a seatrout. Yesterday I made some hermetic beetroots from the fresh beetroots in the garden. So I had quite a lot of pink boiling water. Then I thought of my good friend and kitchen inspirator Johannica and had some boiled eggs overnight in the pink water. I made homemade mayonaise, blended the yolks with mayonaise, small cuttet watercress from the garden (the plant is so big this time of the year), some hungarian red peppers and chili.
A nice little sidedish for the fish :-)
Have a nice sunday!! Jelrik