mandag 18. juli 2011

U28/52 Eventyr (Fairytales)

Tatt på fersken - c Jelrik Nylund-van Berkel
This week, the theme of X52 was eventyr or in English "Fairytales". I really liked this theme and the ideas were popping up in my head. I like to facepaint and the children wanted to be model. Maybe some wolf and little red hood. One evening, I was taking a walk from the cabin trough the dark Norwegian woods, known for it's trolls, fairy's and huldra. Suddenly, I heard some sound in the bushes. I stopped but it was all quiet. I started to walk again while I heard some grinch grinch and sniffing sounds. I stopped and throwed my body through a big bush and there right in front of my, in front of a little cave I catched this creature. It looked affraid to me when it saw me and opened his eyes wide when he saw the flash of the camera. After this pic it ran into the cave. Totally astonished by this view I ran home to the cabin to look at this strange picture which I wanted to share with you all...
The project:
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Vibeke Prestmo Valestrand: Dukken i Gresset
Yngve Thoresen: The Sword

søndag 10. juli 2011

U 27/52 Matglede (Food happiness)

Summertemptations - c Jelrik Nylund-van Berkel

This week the theme of x52 is "matglede" or "food happiness" in English. I really loved this theme because I am a real food addict. Food makes me happy, good food makes me more happy and gourmet food is heaven. More and more I am becoming aware of all the additions we find in industrial food. So this summer's motivation in my vacation is "if you can't prepare it yourself from the base, don't prepare it". This evening, we would have some barbecue. It is my first day of vacation and of course I want to put my soul in my food. Home made hamburgers with onion and parsley from the garden, spanish chorizo sausages, norwegian strawberries marinated in balsamicovinegar, home made chilli-garlic mayonaise, and a salad of watermelon and feta cheese. Oh delight, oh happiness, oh temptation!!

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Vibeke Presmo Valestrand: Den ble aldri særlig vakker
Geir Ertzgaard: First among equals – one happy pork chop
Yngve Thoresen: Reconnaissance
Line Aakre: Grillkos

søndag 3. juli 2011

Week 26/52 Ro (Calmness)

Enjoying calmness- c Jelrik Nylund-van Berkel
This week was the theme for X52 "Ro"; Calmness in English. This weekend we were at the cabin of my sister in law up in the mountains at Synnfjell. It rained quite a lot but when it stopped, I took out the children for some playing while my wife was inside enjoying a cup of coffee in a quite house; looking outside to her two children and a childish husband :-)

There were a lot of calm motives this weekend. For instans those sheeps lying in the middle of the road; saying beeeeh and not intending to move

And on sunday while driving the car; we met the King of the Norwegian woods, Mr Moose, standing totally calm majestetic as a King must be and watched at the strange people on the edge of the road, taking pictures of him

The last calm picture was while looking at the downhill ski lift. Hanging totally calm, waiting for a new season to come

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Leif Harboe: Ro
Anne: Ro
Vibeke Prestmo Valestrand: Keip
Geir Ertzgaard: Calm