lørdag 28. januar 2012

Birthdaycupcakes for a Real Madrid-fan

Today my good Spanish friend Juan Carlos is having his birthday party and asked me to make some cupcakes for tonight. As he is a big Real Madrid fan, the cupcake-theme must be in Real Madrid-spirit. So here they are. By the way I am football neutral so no Barcelona fans where harmed while making these cupcakes… :-) By the way, if you are in Oslo, i can suggest you to visit his restaurant "La Sangria". A pearl of Spanish food in the heart of the city with authentic Spanish dishes; some of them made on a family recipe. You can read more on the restaurant at the restaurant's homepage



lørdag 21. januar 2012

A little winter rose

 Today it's snowing a lot outside and the whole world is white so it's a nice day to create a little flower inside the kitchen.

So I made a standard vanilla cupcake and made a decorating icing with 120g butter, 120g  margarine, 500g flour sugar, some vanilla extract and pink colour. I used a flat tip on the spray bag and just made small leafs. You find the exact way of making it on passion4baking .

Isn't the cupcake just delicious??

Have a nice weekend all of you!!