mandag 3. oktober 2011

Verdens Beste - Kvæfjordkake

This cake is the first cake I learned to make after arriving in Norway. It is called "Verdens Beste" (the best in the world) or "Kvæfjordkake". It is made of a layer of cake, a layer of french merengue and topped with almonds. Then there is a layer of whipped cream and vanillacream and on top there is a new cake with merengue and almonds. You can find the recipe of this wonderfull cake here on the site of passionforbaking.

Here some pictures of the process of making the cake. I use to make a big cake, cut in two halfs and put those halfs on top of eachother

The first cake layer spread out

A nice and stiff merengue. The important thing: whip the eggwhites very stiff and add the sugar in small amounts. Whip and whip untill really stiff.

Ready to put in the oven, 25 min on 175 degrees C.

Ready amazing cake :-)

lørdag 1. oktober 2011

When you wish upon a star

 Milkyway © Jelrik Nylund-van Berkel
This weekend, I will spend some time with my family in the mountains. We are in a cabin quite far away from civilisation at about 900m high. This night there was a cristalclear sky and beside of millions of stars, there was a real clear view on our own galaxy: the milkyway; which is the light band in the middle of the picture. Beside of the milkyway, I saw a few falling stars and sattelites. This is the first time I took a picture of the nightsky and without a stative, it is not so easy to hold the button on the camera and keep the camera without moving. The little stripes in the stars is because of the turning of the earth. Clear skies and dark nights are a part of the autumn. I'll send this picture therefor in for X52 which has autumn as a theme week 39.
I felt myself quite little when watching the sky this night. Just amazing...

X52 webpage: