søndag 27. januar 2013

Chili-chocolate cake (Nigella's recipe)

This weekend I made Nigella Lawsons chocolate-chili cake and a looooot of people loved it so here's the recipe (with some minor changes)

125 g digestive and mariekjeks (50-50) crumbled and mixed with
60 g melted butter and
1tbs Cocoa powder

Spread on a round baking form


400g chopped dark chocolate
60ml rum
60 ml golden syrup (or agave syrup)

Put together in a bowl and melt au bain Marie (over hot water)
Blend in chili powder as much as you like

Meanwhile whip 5dl of double cream stiff but still soft

Fold it in the chocolate blend

Pour over the bottom

Put cold in the fridge for one night

Next day remove the form, sprinkle a Nice layer of Cocoa powder on top, decorate with fresh chili and chocolate plates on the side.

Bon appetit, Jelrik