fredag 22. april 2011

Uke 16/52: "Egg"

Pure egg - © Jelrik Nylund-van Berkel
This week's theme is "egg". The theme was chosen because of the natural egg's versatility but also because of this weeks event, namely Easter. An egg is a special creature. The design is absolutely wonderful and is incredibly strong because outside forces are distributed over the shell. It does not like fast hard trauma but try once to crush an egg from top to base between hands by exerting pressure. It is almost impossible ...

The shape is so amazing sleek, so perfectly and it is not necessary to have a lot of things in an eggimage. A pure egg, the simplest is often the best. Finished soft boiled egg in the jar at the breakfast table in the cabin with Freberg bay (Frebergvika) and the Oslofjord in the background. Life is wonderful.

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onsdag 13. april 2011

x52: Week 15/52: To farger (Two colours)

Jeckyl and Hide - © Jelrik Nylund-van Berkel
The theme for this week's photo project was selected by Yngve Thoresen, and was "Two colours ".

Two colours? What are we going to do now, I thought. OK  the world around us is full of colors and there are generally many more than two colors together. I would not take a picture of a very trivial thing. After some thoughts about colors, I came to the conclusion that makeup is the girls' best friend and that make-up is one of the most colourful and bodynear things you can use to express a style, a feeling, a quiet revolution against the standard in a society. Without make-up a bimbogirl and a rock girl are pretty similar but getting the color on you can see who they are, what they feel and how they relate to society.

So I jumped in the make-upcollection of my wife, chose two strong contrasting colours and started on myself and made Dr. Jeckyl on the left side with a cute pink color and Mr Hide on the other side with a dark threatening smokey eye.

Two colors that give two completely different feelings ...

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søndag 10. april 2011

Uke 14/52: Huset med det rare i (The house with the strange things)

The old violin - © Jelrik Nylund-van Berkel
This week the challenge was from Geir: "The house with the strange things inside". In each house there must be something you are particularly proud of, maybe not so proud of or just think is fun to have ... and maybe you don't find it in every other house.
I immediately thought of the old violin that I own. This is both an object with a soul, a history and is very honourfull.
Simply something to be proud of.
I inherited this violin from my mother the day I got married. She knew that I wished to own it such a long time. Throughout my childhood, this violin hang on the wall in the living room and it made me hurt since it is a sure death to an instrument to hang on a wall. The violin is from the grandmother who in turn inherited it from her mother, my great-grandmother. For my great-grandmother, it was a gift from her husband who bought it on the flea market.
Inside the violin is a note from the person who built it. The violin was built by Bartholomeus Kärner in Mittenwald an der Iser,  Germany in the year 1777. So this year it celebrates its 234 birthday.
I showed it to specialists and it is authentic.
In the year that the violin was built was W.A. Mozart 27 years old, France acknowledged as the first country in the world the United States as a sovereign state. The American Civil War ravaged America then.
Napoleon Bonaparte's wife was born and James Cook discovered the Comoros ...
I am incredibly proud to own this violin and when I'm home alone, it makes music. My goal is to play better and better on it each time I try to play. I am originally an oboist but I do love the sound of this instrument so much...

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søndag 3. april 2011

Project x52: Week 13: "Tilbake" (Back)

Saucissons, fromage et vin - © Jelrik Nylund-van Berkel
This week the theme of the photo project X52 was "Back". Back is a large area. Back in the spring, back to a former job or back to childhood. Many of my childhood vacations I spent in Machilly, a tiny little village in France, on the border to Switzerland, where my family owns an ancient house that has been my family's ownership in over 100 years. Holidays which were marked by great weather, beautiful walks in the mountains (it is located about 80 km from Mont Blanc) and of course great food. Vegetables that were grown in the garden, a neighboring farmer who supplied fresh eggs, milk was still warm from the cow and raspberries from the garden. But what we ate most were the great French cheeses, some of the best salami in the world and when I was a few years older a glass of delicious wine. I tried to create the atmosphere of the holiday house kitchen through this picture (unfortunately with an Australian wine because of the lack of a French one).

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