fredag 27. mai 2011

Week 21/52 Fysisk Fostring (Sports)

Maraton and stretching - © Jelrik Nylund-van Berkel
This week is the theme of x52 chosen by Vibeke: "Fysisk fostring" or in English "Sports".
As she said, now it is springtime and everywhere you see sports. Running, Zumba, Aerobics, uphill-running etc... So we were challenged to be a sportsphotographer.

This week I was working at Mørk gård in Sætre by my good friend Helge. It is a wonderfull place in the middle of the woods with about 70 Kashmirgoats running around. Goats are amazing animals with a lot of character. They love being outside but when it begins to rain they run to the barn, scared to be wet. This week a few trees were taken down and those goats just love the fresh leaves of the trees. They have an amazing area to graze on but when they hear the sound of the chain saw the maraton starts, because, hey, the grass is always greener on the other side. From all over the area goats starts running a goat maraton and all together they rush to the fallen tree. When arrived they start a stretching session to the nicest leaves, crawling over eachother. It is like a bunch of Piranhas jumping on their bait. And just an hour afterwards the whole tree is ripped for leaves and bark.

It is funny to see the physical strength that those goats are delivering for a bit of food and shows that springtime is not only physical training for us people but for the whole nature around us.

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The other members had these solutions:

Ståle Ertzgaard: Fartsglede
Vibeke Prestmo Valestrand: Kyklos

søndag 22. mai 2011

Uke20/52: Styggfint (Uglypretty)

Planet Meat - © Jelrik Nylund-van Berkel
This week the theme was "Uglypretty":
"This weeks task is taken from an expression from Trøndelag," ugly nice ", or" schtyggfint. "And that means something is really, really, really nice. With many exclamation points!!
But my head is thinking here a little bit different than it should, strictly speaking, because I do not want you  go out and shoot something very beautiful. Quite the contrary. I want you (we) should take a picture of something you  think is terribly ugly. But we will get this awful ugly to look beautiful:"

I must admit that the inspiration was at a historical depth point in this week while there was much work and excuses but the first thing that came up to me when we're talking about "pretty ugly" is this picture that I took in November. So for once I use an old file for reasons you'll understand when you read further. I have a basic philosophy that we humans have begun to live a little far away from nature and the original. Sauce stir out of bags, medicines we buy at the pharmacy, bought meat vacuum packed and frozen and a lot of old knowledge of what nature has to offer us disappears. What about making sauce from scratch, what about making cabbage-bandages against inflammation, what about following the process from animal to steak on the platter? I have some friends that have the same basic idea and runs ecological farms and animal husbandry. And in November I was fortunate to be involved in the slaughter of a ram. I saw how the whole process was done and helped where I could. The steak of this animal was one of the most amazing beefs I've tasted and the love of animals and nature were deeply rooted in this meat. The weekly image is a closeup of the "sidemeat" right after slaughter. A picture of natural meat, fresh and very nicely marbled with a little fat. And it struck me that this was almost abstract art, and it looked like a lunar landscape, a distant planet. Incredibly nice but still a bit chilling-ugly for us consumers who are familiar with vacuum meat in plastic from the supermarked around the corner ... Uglypretty.

The other participants had these solutions:

Yngve Thoresen: Eastern Pasque Flower
Anne Ueland: Mr Ugly Pretty
Sonja Middelhuis: Styggfint
Naturglede/Randi Lind Styggfin padde
Ståle Ertzgaard: Himmelvendt
Vibeke Prestmo Valestrand: Sweet

mandag 9. mai 2011

Uke 19/52: Skrekk og gru (Horror and dread)

Sticky fingers - © Jelrik Nylund-van Berkel
This week the theme for X52 was chosen by Stein Evert and the choice fell on "Skrekk og gru" or "horror and dread". What in the world, sweet child's hands has to do with this? That is exactly what is the problem. They are way too sweet.

These cute little hands which I love simply are each Saturday night suddenly transformed into little sticky klumps whichs take on everything in the house and leaves a sticky track. They are so sticky that you almost can lift the child by just touching the hands. No Saturday today but today it was warm, summer and time for strawberries and what is better than dipping strawberries in a bowl with sugar, And that's exactly what my daughter realized. So it deteriorated by pouring sugar over the berries and finally digging into the sugar and scrape it in her mouth. Score: 10 sticky fingers with a layer of sweet spitsyrup and sugarcorn, a bathtub full of water and a child who is washed under loud protest. Horror and dread!

onsdag 4. mai 2011

Uke 18/52: Portrett i svart hvit: på en benk (Portrait in black and white: on a bench)

HC Andersen - © Jelrik Nylund-van Berkel
This week the theme was chosen by the Line and the choice fell on "portrait in black and white: on a bench. " Since this week I was for my job some days in Copenhagen, I took my camera with me and thought to enjoy myself a bit here by finding a good model, asking if I could take pictures and shoot away. Unfortunately, the problem was that there really aren't so many benches in Copenhagen, it was cold and people would not sit on a bench and that the only thing I found on a bench was a homeless man that I left in peace. Slightly depressed and sanked in thoughts, I went over Raadhuspladsen and stumbled across this gentleman who looks with his nose in the air over the busy HC Andersen Boulevard in to Tivoli. Andersen does not think that it's cold. He just sits there, day in and day out, on his bench in the same attitude while he waits for someone of the x52-project to take a picture of him. Maybe it's imagination or maybe it was true but I wonder if he got a little smile around his mouth when I thanked him for the photo and went  back to the hotel ...

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The other members made this solution:

Anne Ueland: Don’t Tickle me
Vibeke Prestmo Valestrand: Mer enn en benk
Line Aakre: Undrende
Sonja Middelhhuis:Dame på benk
Yngve Thoresen: Still In Love
Line Storlid:The garden Girls
HC Andersen right after smiling to me © Jelrik Nylund-van Berkel

søndag 1. mai 2011

Uke 17/52: Kontraster (Contrasts)

The Burned House - © Jelrik Nylund-van Berkel
This week was the theme of 52uker project, chosen by Ståle Ertzgaard, "Contrasts". There are contrasts all around us and it was just to pick and choose. The idea I came across was a photo with many horrible contrasts. Two weeks ago there was a large fire in the village where I live. In this fire were three families who lived in this house suddenly homeless. In the middle of the night started a fire in the basement and spread through the house. From quiet sleep, families thrown into complete chaos. 2 Persons were found unconscious, sent to the hospital by helicopter, but survived luckily. The contrasts are many in this picture. Color contrast, contrast between a good life and a life where you have lost everything, the contrast between fire and water that has won over the fire, the contrast between a relatively undamaged outside on the left side and a completely burned right-hand side. When I took the picture, it smelled like fire all around me in strong contrast with the spring air that is these days in the village. This house makes me quiet and let us remember how quickly life can take a completely unexpected twist that throws you into ...contrasts

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Other members had this solution:
Sonja Middelhuis Kontraster i en midtsommernattsdrøm
Naturglede/Randi Lind Vårens kontraster
Anne Ueland Chess
Ståle Ertzgaard: Storveis