onsdag 21. september 2011

Italian Pepperoni Pizza Cupcake: an alternative to a boring lunchbox

Do you also hear sometimes from the children that they do not like sandwiches in the lunch box? Then, this creation is a perfect alternative. Quickly made ​​and so popular! This is a lunchcupcake that tastes heavenly of pepperoni pizza. Of course, the sky is the limit for you. Why not create a tacocupcake, leeks and baconcupcakes or whatever you can find to put in it.

I stir together 250 g flour (please enter a little oatmeal or roughmeal to give it a little more fiber) with 1 tablespoon of baking powder. So I cut up a tomato into small pieces, a handful of pepperoni into small pieces, pushing a garlic and mix into the flour mixture. Sprinkle in lots of oregano, paprikapowder, salt and pepper. Beat 2 eggs and mix with 4 tablespoons of olive oil. Mix about 250 g of grated cheese in flour mixture, mix the egg mixture along with 2 cups milk.

Then you get approximately such a dough which you can take into the forms with an icecreamspoon:

One spoon in each form, top with a pepperonislice and some grated cheese:

  Bake about 20 minutes in an oven of 190 degr. celsius.

Good luck and look forwards  to the nice smell of pizza cupcakes in the house!

søndag 18. september 2011

Italian Meringue Lemon Cupcake: An Arabian inspired architecture with a fresh twist...

This little creation, I made for my wife's 35th birthday. There was, as you'll see in above post a lot of sweet frostings with white and dark chocolate so I thought that a fresh frosting would be nice to combine. So I made the base vanillacupcake-dough from lovely Manuela @ passionforbaking and gave it a lemon twist with lemon zine and lemon juice. Bake as usual 15 min in 200 degr. celsius
As frosting I made an Italian Meringue:
200 g sugar and 1 dl water.
Let it cook until it is a thicker clear syrup.
In the meantime, beat 125 g of eggwhite untill stiff. When stiff, add the syrup in a thin stream. Keep on beating untill the meringue is totally cold. When cold and stiff, I added juice of half a lemon and yellow food coloring. Put in a spraybag and make whatever you want. I used a round tip Wilton to decorate.
I will take some pictures in the future when making the meringue; just to illustrate. When ready decorated, put the cupcakes under a grill, 180 degr. untill light brown. This meringue is not as the french one. It will stay soft inside but keeps it form a loooong time. 
Isn't it a beauty?
It reminds me a bit of an Arabian building 
(or a Russian Orthodox Church)

lørdag 10. september 2011

A white rose for democracy

On monday, the people of Norway will go to vote for a new local government. After the horrible things which happened in our country in the month of July, the rose became a symbol for democracy, a symbol for standing strong together and a symbol for serenity.
Today's creation is an honour to our wonderfull country and our democracy.
This little sweetheart is named: White chocolate frosting cupcake. You can see a very good explanation of the recipe, clicking on the link which will redirect you to Manuela's passionforbaking.com


Have a nice weekend everyone and to all the Norwegians: Godt valg, bruk stemmeretten!

lørdag 3. september 2011

En rosa engel kom forbi...

En par uker siden var jeg på cupcakekurs hos Manuela fra "Passion4baking" . Hun var en rosa engel som kom forbi og lærte meg å lage de mest fantastiske cupcakes jeg noensinne har smakt.
Glad jeg er i mat var dette midt i blinken :-) og når mitt onkelbarn ba meg om å lage cupcakes til hennes jentekveld falt valget raskt på vaniljecupcakes med Angel Feather Icing. Hvor mer klissete jeg ble, hvor herligere Icingen ble. Jeg ba cupcakes veldig snill om å stå modell for meg sammen med min Angel Feather espresskopp. De to kunne ha vært gift :-)

Når det er en ting som er sikker, så er det at cupcakes gjør folk glad. Det er fantastisk å se smilet på barneansikter når de graver nesen dypt ned i icingen og lager "mmmh"-lyder. Tenk deg en morning hvor du søvntrøtt åpner øyene fordi du har hørt noen lyder på kjøkkenet. Når du snur hodet blir du servert en slik en:

Da kan vel ikke dagen gå feil, ikke sant?

"If the people have no bread, let them eat cake"
Marie Antoinette