søndag 12. februar 2012

Orchid Inspired Cupcakes

Today we had a family birthday party for my niece, my nephew and my sister in law. I was asked to make cupcakes and I made a lot of those carrot cake cupcakes with the orange roses (like I blogged a few days ago). But those roses were quite difficult to make beautifull on a few of the cupcake forms I had which were like big yellow crowns. Really nice...

The crowns made me think of the top of buddhist temples and chinese building style. One of the most used flowers in Asia is the orchid and there came the idea to make some orchids to cover the cupcakes.

So with white icing, I made a curled flower with some instructions of the book of Manuela Kjeilen (Love, Manuela, which you can order by clicking here!
Afterwards I made with eatable lillac, gold and yellow glitter some details ( i used a brush which is normally ment to be used to apply eyeshadow. It is a soft brush) and sprayed them with a pearl spray.

A little orchid flower for all the mothers on this mother's day :-)


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  1. wonderful flowers you have made:O) Have a nice week:O)