torsdag 9. februar 2012

10 th Birthday Cupcakes "Vintage-Tivoli-Style"

My niece is having her 10th birthday party together with some girls tomorrow so she asked me to bake and here are the results. The cupcake above is a vanilla cupcake with whipped vanilla bean frosting ( a blend of eggwhite, sugar and vanilla; whipped au bain marie. You find the recipe on
The blue color is kinda vintage-ish and is a real nice pastel-color

The cupcake under is topped with a fluffy white chocolate frosting with whipped cream and sprayed with a pearl spray by Cacas.

Looks like a tivoli :-)

Happy Birthday!


3 kommentarer:

  1. I like Tivoli! Så fine de cupcakes er, det rene kunst ;)

  2. Maar Jelrik, je hebt duidelijk verborgen talenten! Pareltjes! Daar moet je iets mee doen. Helen, van gisteren zondag en morgen maandag :-)

    1. Daarom dat ik er iets mee doe ;-)