søndag 18. september 2011

Italian Meringue Lemon Cupcake: An Arabian inspired architecture with a fresh twist...

This little creation, I made for my wife's 35th birthday. There was, as you'll see in above post a lot of sweet frostings with white and dark chocolate so I thought that a fresh frosting would be nice to combine. So I made the base vanillacupcake-dough from lovely Manuela @ passionforbaking and gave it a lemon twist with lemon zine and lemon juice. Bake as usual 15 min in 200 degr. celsius
As frosting I made an Italian Meringue:
200 g sugar and 1 dl water.
Let it cook until it is a thicker clear syrup.
In the meantime, beat 125 g of eggwhite untill stiff. When stiff, add the syrup in a thin stream. Keep on beating untill the meringue is totally cold. When cold and stiff, I added juice of half a lemon and yellow food coloring. Put in a spraybag and make whatever you want. I used a round tip Wilton to decorate.
I will take some pictures in the future when making the meringue; just to illustrate. When ready decorated, put the cupcakes under a grill, 180 degr. untill light brown. This meringue is not as the french one. It will stay soft inside but keeps it form a loooong time. 
Isn't it a beauty?
It reminds me a bit of an Arabian building 
(or a Russian Orthodox Church)

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  1. Ikke nok med at kaken i seg selv er utrolig vakker ;) Kunst - vil jeg si! Så smaker den også li så godt som den ser ut :D Moms, en deilig cupcake!! Hilsen Stine :)