mandag 18. juli 2011

U28/52 Eventyr (Fairytales)

Tatt på fersken - c Jelrik Nylund-van Berkel
This week, the theme of X52 was eventyr or in English "Fairytales". I really liked this theme and the ideas were popping up in my head. I like to facepaint and the children wanted to be model. Maybe some wolf and little red hood. One evening, I was taking a walk from the cabin trough the dark Norwegian woods, known for it's trolls, fairy's and huldra. Suddenly, I heard some sound in the bushes. I stopped but it was all quiet. I started to walk again while I heard some grinch grinch and sniffing sounds. I stopped and throwed my body through a big bush and there right in front of my, in front of a little cave I catched this creature. It looked affraid to me when it saw me and opened his eyes wide when he saw the flash of the camera. After this pic it ran into the cave. Totally astonished by this view I ran home to the cabin to look at this strange picture which I wanted to share with you all...
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Vibeke Prestmo Valestrand: Dukken i Gresset
Yngve Thoresen: The Sword

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  1. Hehe, stilig bilde av et skikkelig eventyvesen! Det er godt han ikke ser så skummel ut, for da hadde nok ikke jeg turt å bevege meg ute om natta ;)

  2. Well, that was a real scary tale. Why not give us your own tales when they are more fitting than the ones we all know so well. Very enjoyable.

  3. Dette var innlevende & fantsifullt du;O) Ulikt noe jeg har sett fra eventyrverden, leketøy etc, og dermed veldig morsomt. Syns jeg den ser litt redd ut jeg. Er det du som har fortalt den for skummle eventyr kanskje?;O) Kjempeflott eventyrlig løst ukestema