søndag 22. mai 2011

Uke20/52: Styggfint (Uglypretty)

Planet Meat - © Jelrik Nylund-van Berkel
This week the theme was "Uglypretty":
"This weeks task is taken from an expression from Trøndelag," ugly nice ", or" schtyggfint. "And that means something is really, really, really nice. With many exclamation points!!
But my head is thinking here a little bit different than it should, strictly speaking, because I do not want you  go out and shoot something very beautiful. Quite the contrary. I want you (we) should take a picture of something you  think is terribly ugly. But we will get this awful ugly to look beautiful:"

I must admit that the inspiration was at a historical depth point in this week while there was much work and excuses but the first thing that came up to me when we're talking about "pretty ugly" is this picture that I took in November. So for once I use an old file for reasons you'll understand when you read further. I have a basic philosophy that we humans have begun to live a little far away from nature and the original. Sauce stir out of bags, medicines we buy at the pharmacy, bought meat vacuum packed and frozen and a lot of old knowledge of what nature has to offer us disappears. What about making sauce from scratch, what about making cabbage-bandages against inflammation, what about following the process from animal to steak on the platter? I have some friends that have the same basic idea and runs ecological farms and animal husbandry. And in November I was fortunate to be involved in the slaughter of a ram. I saw how the whole process was done and helped where I could. The steak of this animal was one of the most amazing beefs I've tasted and the love of animals and nature were deeply rooted in this meat. The weekly image is a closeup of the "sidemeat" right after slaughter. A picture of natural meat, fresh and very nicely marbled with a little fat. And it struck me that this was almost abstract art, and it looked like a lunar landscape, a distant planet. Incredibly nice but still a bit chilling-ugly for us consumers who are familiar with vacuum meat in plastic from the supermarked around the corner ... Uglypretty.

The other participants had these solutions:

Yngve Thoresen: Eastern Pasque Flower
Anne Ueland: Mr Ugly Pretty
Sonja Middelhuis: Styggfint
Naturglede/Randi Lind Styggfin padde
Ståle Ertzgaard: Himmelvendt
Vibeke Prestmo Valestrand: Sweet

4 kommentarer:

  1. Jepp, dett syns jeg var veldig flott løst Jelrik, for utgangspunktet av dette er jo styggt å se på, men på bildet her er det pent, Så virkelig styggfint bilde du har tatt :o))

  2. Enig med Anne U i at dette var en god løsning. Vet ikke om jeg hadde sett at dette var kjøtt hvis du ikke hadde fortalt det. Ville trodd at du hadde tatt nørbilde av et maleri eller et eller annet som jeg ikke visste hva var :-) Men det gjorde du ikke. Jeg syns løsningen var veldig god, også fordi den tematiserer våre ambivalente følelser til noe så naturlig som å vite hvor maten kommer fra - også kjøttmaten. Så jeg får bare tilgi at bildet ikke ble tatt i løpet av uka ;-)

  3. Hehe, skikkelig bra bilde, detta. Men jeg må si jeg er glad for at jeg "ikke vet" hvor kjøttet kommer fra, om du vet hva jeg mener. Jeg hadde nok ikke spist noe særlig hvis jeg hadde sett prosessen :P Men å kunne mer om planter og alt det kan brukes til er jeg helt enig i at vi burde visst mere om. Jeg har planer om å begynne mykt der, og så litt urter på verandaen min =)

  4. Dette var kreativt funnet på! Flott kunst ut av et stykke kjøtt. Hvem skulle to at man skulle få noe fint ut av det? Stilig gjort, Jelrik! =)