mandag 2. april 2012

Fly me to the moon...

This evening, there was a wonderfull moon outside. So why not try making a picture of our best neighbour? I took a normal quite cheap telescope with a 8x objective, took my iPhone and aimed the objective at the little hole in the telescope and here is the result.

The big white crater on top of the image is named Copernicus. It is about 30 km diameter and is surrounded by rays of about 800 km made by the spreading of hot material after the impact. Under Copernicus you can see the craters Reinhold and Lansberg. Just to the right side of Lansberg, Apollo 14 and 12 landed. The big crater at the bottom is tycho, named after the Danish Tycho Brahe. It is a big and prominent crater with good visible sides and a high mountain (an albedo) in the middle.

Nice clear nights are perfect for viewing stars and the moon. So go out and look up :-)

Another image of Copernicus with the rays good visible

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