søndag 18. desember 2011

Homemade butter, if short in the shops

The last weeks, the world's richest country is in acute shortness of butter. A lot of people started with a low carbohydrate diet, high in fat and proteins. In combination with a bad season for milkproduction and high Norwegian import taxes, the shops went empty for butter. What to do if you like to bake: make it yourself.

I started with three boxes of full cream (9 dl) and ended up with 400 g unsalted butter to bake and some nice buttermilk to drink.
Well: pour the cream in a bowl and begin to whisk with a balloon whisk:

Wnen it turnes into whipped cream, change the balloon whisk into a K-whisk, if you have, this gathers the cream better. Now at this point don't go away from the machine. Take an old towel, make a hole in it and tray the whisk trough it, holding the towel with an elastic on it's place over the bowl because when the cream turns into butter, there is a lot of buttermilk splashing all around

Suddenly, you will hear that the machine's motor is working more heavy. Have a look and when you see this:

YOUR BUTTER IS ALMOST READY!! If you want salted butter, mix it carefully with a teaspoon of salt.

Now pour everything trough a sieve and take care of the buttermilk. This is really good to drink.
When most of the liquid dripped out of the sieve, put the butter into a clean towel:

Press out all water

And keep your butter in a baking non-stick paper

Isn't it nice to keep some old knowledge fresh by trying to make your own butter? This will work untill there is cream shortness. That's when we need to buy milk from a farmer and seperate it in cream and milk with a good old separator but I hope I don't need to make that blogpost :-)

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